Arenas (Crash Tag Team Racing)


[edit] Extinction Party

The battle arena for Tyranasauras Wrecks. It's a giant circular ditch. There's some cover here and there. Be sure to pick up the fire powerup to ram into enemies to get One-Hit KOs!!!

[edit] Hardly Ever Land

The stunt arena for Happily Ever Faster. It's rectangular, and ramps lie all over the place! Aim for the best score!

[edit] Jungle Rumble

The battlefield for Mystery Island. It's simply a large open square. Blast open the houses for repair powerups!

[edit] Space Stunts

The stunt arena for Astro Land. It's triangular, and due to no gravity, you'll be flying high in the air for sure. Use this to your advantage to score big!

[edit] Special PSP Battle Arenas

If you connect your PSP with the PSP version of Crash Tag Team Racing to your PS2 with the PS2 version of Crash Tag Team Racing, you will unlock two new battle arenas on your PS2 version. One for Tomb Town and one for Happily Ever Faster. Unfortuantely, these battle arenas contain no crystals for rewards. Just cash.

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