Battlefields (Crash Nitro Kart)


[edit] Desert Storm

Fenonomia�s battle. This place is beyond weird. Spinning hourglasses are floating everywhere, clockwork parts lay all over the field, and a giant hawk flies around as the sky turns purple signaling the incoming storm. Like Frozen Frenzy, this place has 3 sections. The outer ring takes place on a bunch of highways, and is the only way of getting into the middle. The inner ring is the bottom part, and where most of the goodies are. The middle is great, but one small thing to look out for here. If you�re in the middle and someone activates the trap, the ceiling will land right on you. The strategy is to go into the inner ring. The middle just isn�t safe.

[edit] Frozen Frenzy

Barin�s battle. This one is a wee bit more exciting. There are sections. The outer ring, the inner ring, and the middle. The outer ring is a bunch of temples and wumpa fruit boxes. The inner takes place below the outer and next to the middle. The middle, blocked by spinning propellers you can hit if you�re not careful, has all the real goodies. Strategy here is to hide in the middle hogging all the good stuff.

[edit] Magnetic Mayhem

Tekknee�s battle. This is the only battle that has hovercrafts. The trap is in the middle, and there�s a huge crusher there. Around it is your usual square with two conveyor belts on the sides, rolling into a bottomless pit. You can also go on some inverted tracks and pick up some goodies on the walls. The strategy is to stay on the walls. You aren�t as open and you won�t be a sitting duck.

[edit] Temple Turmoil

Terra�s battle. It�s a pretty basic place. A giant square with mud to slow you down and a big temple in the middle being all it is. The temple just contains a multiplier box. No strategy here other than just go around and blast your opponents.

[edit] Terra Dome

The unlockable battlefield, which takes place in Terra. There is a giant statue of Krunk holding a bride. This place is made up of 3 rings. The outer is very open, but has most of the needed powerups. From there, you can also go across a bridge and activate the trap. The inner ring is narrow and lower than the outer. This has a few boxes for powerups. The middle ring is dangerous. When the trap is not activated, the statue of Krunk in the middle has these small things spinning around it that can hurt you. When activated, they will blow out FIRE. So if you�re in the middle at all, you�re dead. However, the middle also contains some of the best goodies.

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