Crash had better start sprinting because in the next second or 2 bees will come charging out of that hive!

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Bee-Having is level 20 in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. This is the second and last of the levels set in the snowy area with the bees and special flooring. (the other one is Diggin' It

This level has a few new tricks to it which Diggin' It didn't. The first is having two plants on one strip of land at a time, which means you'll have to think about dodging another bomb right after you dodge the first, it's quite easy to die against two of these plants at once.

Another is the larger beehives, which mean longer distances to run and more bees.

Lastly, the tricky thing in this level are sections where bees will chase you, however there is special flooring to avoid their sting. Why is this tricky? Because on these areas there are also nitro boxes which can still kill you underground or overground, and a line of metal indestructible boxes. That means you have to come up from out of the ground, jump over it and go underground again, while avoiding nitro boxes and the bees.

There is a special route to obtain the Purple Gem, however it is not a skull route, nor is it a coloured gem required route.

At one point in the level you will come across a platform made of indestructible metal boxes, layered with nitros. You may notice the nitros don't appear to bounce up and down or make any noise. You can jump on them and they won't explode. You have to jump on the top part of the platform to be taken to the special route. There you can obtain the Purple Gem.

  • Colored Gem: Yes (Purple)
  • Clear Gem: Yes
  • Boxes: 92 (32 from the bonus stage)

NOTE: Technically there are 32 boxes in the bonus stage, but 17 of them are nitro. As long as you hit the box which explodes all the stage's nitros at the end, these nitros will also be exploded.

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