Bone Yard

The orange patches are the lava pools - don't touch them if you don't want to get burned!

[edit] Information

Bone Yard is level 4 in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. This level is set out in a prehistoric area, near a volcano.

The main features of this level are the weeds and the large dinosaur.

The enemies include men who hide in the boggy water ground waiting to jump up and grab you. Contact will cause damage to Crash unless he jumps on them or spin attacks them. They wil rise from the watery floor when they are close to you, so watch out for that.

There are small lava pools in various parts of the path. Naturally, touvhing them will damage Crash. Avoiding them isn't hard however, as most as on the left or right hand side, and those that take up the whole path width only require a small jump to get over.

Another thing is the growing weeds. You'll know which these are because they look like grass, except they are close to Crash's height and appear on the pathway. If you try walking through the weeds you'll notice Crash gets slowed down greatly. They can be easily disposed of with the spin attack however.

There is a large dinosaur at the last part of the level which will chase you. The camera angle changes when it chases you, as now Crash is running towards you, and you can see the dinosaur not too far behind. Beware of lava pools and Pterodactyls on bone ledges, as they will only appear in the last 2 seconds, giving you little time to react.

The moment the dinosaur makes contact with Crash he is dead, regardless of using any attack or having Uka Uka for extra health. The biggest problem is weeds that appear in your pathway. They slow you down as I said before, which gives the dinosaur a chance to catch up with you. My advice is to just keep jumping over the weeds bit by bit, but you van just spin attack them away and hustle.

The aim is to get to a certain point before the dinosaur gets you. It's usually at a large drop that the dinosaur will stop chasing you.

There is a special path you can take on this level, but you need the red gem to access it.

  • Colored Gem: No
  • Clear Gem: 2 (one from the special stage)
  • Boxes: 66 (14 in Bonus)
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