Boss Battles (Crash Team Racing)

Komodo Joe
Track: Dragon Mines
Difficulty: 7/10
Weapon: Nitro

This battle is extremely annoying. Joe is actually slower than the boss before him but his weapon is more annoying. Once you hit into a nitro it is an automatic flip out which gets annoying because he can zoom away. In the middle of the track there is also a train that could squish you. Shoot missiles and bombs to shoot the Nitros or Joe. Warp orb to flip him out. When using Aku or Uka hit the nitro boxes. You don't flip out and they assure you won't get hit next time.



[edit] N. Oxide

Track: Oxide Station
Difficulty: 9/10
Weapon: All of the ones before

He will be throwing bombs and dropping potions and crates. This guy is one of the biggest pains in all of racing games a worthy final boss. Almost nothing works on this guy. The only thing that will really help you is Aku and Uka. Since this is the hardest boss I will go more in depth. The race starts out with Oxide zooming past you like nothing. Keep at a steady pace behind him not letting you blow you out. If you get Aku or Uka use them immediately so you can past him. The thing about Oxide is that once you past him he seems to go a little bit slower. Dodge all bottles and crates because one hit into them can cost you the whole match, unless you�re far ahead in first.

[edit] Papu Papu

Papu Papu
Stage: Papu's Pyramid
Difficulty: 5/10
Weapon: N.Brio's Beakers

Papu Papu drops red and green beakers. The green beakers spin you out which can get annoying when you�re in front and the red ones spin you out and put a rain cloud over you causing you to slow down and your weapon (if you have one) to change. On top of all that Papu Papu is fast. He is about as fast as Tiny and he makes it seem like his handling is so good. Another reason is because those stupid plants in the stage. If you accidentally spin out next to one they will most likely eat you causing Papu Papu to either zoom ahead or catch up. Missiles and bombs will help a lot because they can destroy the beakers and they can flip him out. Warp Orbs will always hit him unless of course you�re in first. Aku or Uka again is good because he makes you faster.

[edit] Pinstripe

Track: Hot Air Skyway
difficulty: 8.5/10
Weapon: Bowling Bombs

This guy is so annoying. I mean look at his weapon. Bowling bombs. He sends the bombs so rapidly that you will keep getting hit just keep trying to dodge them. Pinstripe is fast.Hhe is in the same speed range as PP some say faster and it seems his handling is godly which its not. Missiles and bombs don't do that much except propel off the bombs but if your lucky you will hit him. Warp Orb will help a lot because of the fly out. Brio's Beaker is good for this stage. Throw it in front of him and he will spin out which will help. Aku and Uka will help a lot. They can be used to pass him quickly and invincibility from the bombs is good. Try to get a blue shield it will help a lot.


[edit] Ripper Roo

Ripper Roo
Track: Ripper Roo's Tube
Difficulty: 2/10
Weapon: TNT

Ripper Roo will not be that fast but if you keep messing up he will easily pass you. Ripper Roo's Tube is one of the easiest stages. The main thing to watch out for is the TNTs. He drops them rapidly and if you have one on your head and you bounce into one you will flip out. When a TNT goes on your head remember R1 and L1. If you have a homing missile or bowling bomb use it when you get a clear shot of him. Fire warp orbs immediately. If he�s ahead of you Aku Aku/Uka Uka is a god send so use it ASAP 1st or 2nd place.

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