Bug Lite

As you can see, getting through the stage is completely hopeless without a firefly, so when you get the next one, make haste!

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Bug Lite is level 25 in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. This level is a unique one in the game. You'll notice from the second screen in this level that it is pitch black, you will also see a firefly not too far ahead of you. These fireflies are the only hope you have of getting through the pitch black parts of this level, which is the majority of it.

Run up and touch the firefly. You should notice it starts flying around you. This means that wherever you go, the firefly will follow so you can get through the dark parts because you'll have to light to see. Simple right? Or at least, it would be if there wasn't a massive drawback to the firefly.

The fireflies only last temporarily, which means at some point your "light" will abandon you and you'll be left to fumble in the dark again. And this is the idea of the level(as you probably will notice, this level is set in the tombs at night, so it doesn't have it's own scenery theme.

The idea, is to get to the next firefly before your current one runs out. Doing so gives you a clear pathway throughout the whole level, which you'll need in this case where mummies, holes and arrows in the walls are everywhere.

The makers of this game were mean people indeed, as you have to rely on a firefly for the bonus stage too. There is only one firefly in the bonus stage, and many nitros, not to mention a couple of holes too. You'll have to give this one a few tries if you want to complete it.

There is also a coloured gem special stage, however to get through the whole thing you need all 5 of the coloured gems.

  • Colored Gem: No
  • Clear Gem: 2
  • Boxes: 120 (40 in Bonus)

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