Bye Bye Blimps

Shooting the balloons with first aid signs will restore some health, so save a few for when your plane's health gets low.

[edit] Information

Bye Bye Blimps is level 17 in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. This is the first level of it's type. It is set out high in the sky, above the clouds over a field. Coco is in a plane and there are 7 blimps, not to mention small planes as well. The objective is to destroy all 7 blimps, that is when the level ends for you. There is a counter of blimps destroyed at the bottom right so you can keep track of the destroyed blimps.

X shoots, and Square does a barrel roll, used to avoid bullets. Coco's plane has 100% health at the start, and throughout the level small planes try to shoot at you and destroy your plane. They only take 1 shot to kill so it is best to get rid of them fast. They continue to appear though. If you shoot balloons with a first aid sign on them you get health back, but you have to shoot the actual balloon to get it's effect.

For the Time Trial, planning a fast route is the only way to get a good score for a relic.

  • Colored Gem: No
  • Clear Gem: Yes
  • Boxes: 11

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