Castle Machinery


[edit] Appearance

The beginning of Castle Machinery is quite irritating--you can see the exit, but it isn't accessible (unless you have the green gem; read the trivia.) You'll have to take the long way around. The level is quite long and a bit harder than Heavy Machinery. The same enemies return, only you'll have to time your jumps on the steam pipes a bit more.

[edit] Gem

The gem here can be tough because the traps here are well placed. Some trampolines here may launch you into a red pipe instead of a box. Be aware of the traps, and you should get this without trouble.

[edit] Trivia

  • Castle Machinery is the only level in Crash 1 that has a gem path that is not needed for box completion. If you get the green gem, you can use it to lift up to an area with a TON of lives and access to the exit quite quickly.
Secret Path
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