Coco bandicoot

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Coco Bandicoot is Crash Bandicoot's little sister. Unlike Crash, Coco can speak and communicate with others in the series. Coco is often seen using her Laptop computer.

[edit] Appearance

Coco Bandicoot appears in the second game in the series as Crash Bandicoots sister. Coco is usually peppy and has an outgoing personality. She is seen on N Sanity Island with Crash and when her battery runs out on her Laptop she asks Crash to get her a replacement battery. She then finds out Crash is collecting Crystals for Cortex and become suspicious and informs Crash of Cortex's real intentions.

[edit] In-Game Activity

Coco during the first few games in the series was not playable until Crash Bandicoot: 3 and from there on out players wanting to use her could. Coco is mostly used when riding a polar bear or driving a Jet-Ski.

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