Deep trouble

You can hop on an underwater jetski from the start of this level. Too bad they are only useable up to a certain distance. Going through the whole level on one would be so much easier.

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Deep trouble is level 12 in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. This is another underwater level, like Under Pressure but this time it is a lot harder than it was before. This level is home to the Red Gem, essential for many special stages. There are many new obstacles to be aware of.

The first of these, is the inclusion of nitro boxes into the level. They are harder to avoid when you're swimming down a narrow gap between 2 rock faces and the nitro floats up and down. When you get on the underwater jetski, prepare to use the missles a lot, as there are a number of nitros placed on this level, mostly in groups of a few.

Another obstacle is the whirlpools. They randomly turn on and off. When turned on, if you touch the small twister you are instantly sucked into the whirlpool, regardless of protection. Unless you are on the underwater jetski, however the jetski will be destroyed, which will definitely prevent you from fully completing the level.

The third new addition is the TNT boxes. Touching the top or bottom face will activate their countdown, so when you touch one, swim quick or you'll get blown to pieces.

Halfway through the level you'll come across the outline box and metal crates and plain boxes. At the end of the level you'll hit an exclamation mark box, this makes the outline box turn into a TNT box. If you return to the point and activate the TNT, it'll explode and destroy the plain boxes too, creating a previously inaccessible pathway. This path is the way you want to take for the Red Gem. Just be aware that there are many nitros, puffer fish and whirlpools to watch out for.

  • Colored Gem: Yes (Red Gem)
  • Clear Gem: Yes
  • Boxes: 83

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