Diggin' It

A screen with a plant enemy specific to these levels.

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Diggin' It is level 17 in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. It is the first level of it's kind. It is set in a snowy area with it's own set of enemies and a few other unique differences.

One thing that is different for this level is that you can hide under the ground in certain areas. These areas are a funny brown coloured patch. You press square whilst standing on them and you can hide under. The purpose of this is to avoid being attacked by a type of enemy unique to the level: the bees.

There are electric fences throughout the level which are constantly turning on and off for a few seconds each time. They would be easy to get around, however you are being chased by bees at certain areas of the level, so you need to time your run just right if you want to avoid both bees and electrical fences.

NOTE: The bees chase you from behind, it is not like being chased by the boulder of large bear.

There are enemies unique to this place as well. There are 3: one is a man with a hammer, who will try to strike you with it if you come near. If you are hiding underground he can still kill you with the hammer.

Another is a statue. It doesn't detect your presence, but it moves around in a pattern. You have to time your run right to avoid getting in the way.

The last are bees. They hide in beehives and only come out to chase you once you run past their hive. They only chase you for a set distance though, so the aim is to get to a certain point without getting stung by them.

There is a skull route on this level.

  • Colored Gem: No
  • Clear Gem: 2 (one from a skull route)
  • Boxes: 95 (26 from the bonus stage)

NOTE: Technically there are 26 boxes in the bonus stage, but 4 of them are nitros, so as long as you hit the Nitro box at the end of the level you will have smashed these boxes anyway.

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