Dr. Neo Cortex

Dr. Neo Periwinkle Cortex
Cortex in Crash of the Titans
Voice ActorsBrendan O'Brien (Crash 1), Clancy Brown (Crash 2 to CNK), Lex Lang (Twinsanity onward), Debi Derryberry (young Cortex)
First GameCrash Bandicoot

Dr. Neo Periwinkle Cortex is Crash's oldest enemy.

[edit] Background

Cortex first studied at the Academy of Evil where, contrary to his assumptions, he was hated by his classmates. His only real friends initially were his pet parrots, Victor and Moritz. He was also bullied by the headmistress. It was at school that he met his future allies, Dr. Nitrus Brio and Dr. N. Gin. After leaving school, he studied evil science. According to how Cortex made his air ships and other aircraft he made, he used to be an plane engineer for the U.S. air force during the Vietnam war. It was possible that he was discharged from the air force because his superiors might have found out that he was a pupil at the Academy of evil or he was discharged after America pulled out from the war. During his plane engineering days he was taught how to handle and make Napalm for bomber planes, though he never used it for himself.

[edit] Plot

Cortex and Brio developed the Evolv-O-Ray, a machine capable of mutating creatures. They also developed the Cortex Vortex, which could brainwash these animal creations. Unfortunately, the Cortex Vortex failed to work correctly on Crash, and he fled the castle. Cortex then attempted to brainwash Tawna, but was stopped by Crash before she was brainwashed. Crash defeated Cortex in a battle aboard his airship. After falling to Earth and seeing a Crystal in a cave, Cortex teamed up with N. Gin to create a supersized Cortex Vortex aboard a space station, and tricked Crash into collecting the other Crystals to power it. When Coco got wind of the plot, she warned Crash and he promptly stopped Cortex's plan. The result of the space station being destroyed was that Cortex's master, Uka Uka, was free. Uka paired Cortex up with N. Tropy in an attempt to use a giant time machine to retreive the Crystals. Crash again collected them all and defeated Tropy and Cortex.

Following this, Uka organised a meeting to discuss how to proceed in killing Crash. N. Tropy suggested unleashing Cortex's "secret weapon", which he did, and he also released the Elementals to power his new weapon. However, Crunch turned against his master and Cortex was left stranded with Uka in the Antarctic wastes after hurriedly using an escape pod. However, Cortex managed to build a new base in the wastes, and eventually returned to N. Sanity Island. There, he and Crash learned of a plot by his old pets, Victor and Moritz, to conquer the island, and reluctantly set off as allies to prevent them from accomplishing their goals of domination.

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