Enemies (Crash Team Racing)


[edit] Blood Bats

Blood Bats
The most annoying enemy. They will follow you around if you don't take them out. They swoop in and hurt you.

[edit] Bomb Ant Henchmen

Bomb Ant Henchmen
The name says it all. They throw bombs at you. They take 2 hits to beat.

[edit] Chickens

Another one who isn't an enemy. But hey, they're fun to knock around and lead into nitros!

[edit] Crabs

They appear in N.Sanity Island and the beginning of Jungle Bungle. They're easy to beat and they keep coming back over and over.

[edit] Drill Ant Henchmen

Drill Ant Henchmen
They appear very rarely. What they do is, they drill under the ground and pop up under you, or they'll charge towards you. Easy. They take 2 hits to beat.

[edit] Fire Ant Henchmen

Fire Ant Henchmen
Fire ants. Yes. They blow out fire at you. Like the Light Saber Ant Henchmen, they take 2 hits to beat.

[edit] Frankenbots

Ever wonder what Frankenstein and robots put together would look like? These robots chase after you like zombies. Simply spin attack them. Anything takes them out in one hit.

[edit] Giant Bugs

Giant Bugs
These guys spit acid. All you need to do is spin them, then use Cortex as a mallet to crush them.

[edit] Guard Dogs

Guard Dogs
These guys are just like the Wild Boars. Only now, they're dogs.

[edit] Hall Monitors

Hall Monitors
These geeky children will stand in halls with flashlights and act like the Tribesman with binoculars. However, the different part is that they can be killed. If you make it up to them, there will be a TNT crate. Jump on it and the kid will be blown to smithereens!

[edit] Janitors

These guys block hallways. The only way to beat them is to ring a bell so children come out of the classrooms and trample him.

[edit] Light Saber Ant Henchmen

Light Saber Ant Henchmen
These guys can be pretty tough in a group. Their attacks are very long range with their light sabers, and they take 2 hits to defeat. However, if you manage to knock them off a cliff, you automatically beat them.

[edit] Man Eating Plants

Man Eating Plants
Remember these guys from Crash 2? Yep. They're back too. Be sure to look for the special one that gets crushed by 2 swinging logs!

[edit] Melee Ant Henchmen

Melee Ant Henchmen
The Evil Twins' henchmen are ants. They look kind of cool. Anyway, these guys basically run around and punch you.

[edit] Monkeys

Not really an enemy. These guys are in N.Sanity Island and go up Wumpa Trees to knock down fruit for you.

[edit] Pirate Rhinos

Pirate Rhinos
These are N.Gin's henchmen. They throw barrels and swing on ropes on N.Gin's battleship. Eh, only one can be killed though.

[edit] Rats

These guys don't attack you. They just run around minding their own business. However, it's good to take them out because they can hurt you.

[edit] Rocket Penguins

Rocket Penguins
These annoying little twerps will turn on their rockets and either go straight at you like a kamikaze, or go up and straight down like a bomb.

[edit] Skunks

Remember these guys from Crash 1? They're back! Be sure to look for the special skunk that complains about his job.

[edit] Small Bugs

Small Bugs
They're basically rats. Only smaller. Just spin them.

[edit] Toad Children

Toad Children
These annoying morons appear in the Cortex part of Classroom Chaos. They come out from time to time and seem almost endless. Figures as they are as annoying as they look.

[edit] Tribesmen

These guys come in 3 different kinds. The first only appears in Jungle Bungle. They have a spiked shield and you slide under the shield to hit them. The second kind is what you'll find the most. They run around with spears. The third have binoculars and you have to avoid being seen.

[edit] Wild Boars

Wild Boars
Aggressive little guys. They're easy. Just avoid their ram attack.

[edit] Worms

They're special. Either you can body slam them so they can move to another hole, or you can use their heads as a trampoline.

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