Flaming Passion

You'll be needing to use flying carpets like these for a majority of the level. Be sure to time your jump off of them right though, there's a man ready to throw down a fire satchel at almost every beginning of another path!

[edit] Information

Flaming Passion is level 23 in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. This is the last of the arabic levels, and a tough one at that. This level is set in night time again and has more guys with fire satchels than ever. For most parts of the level, you'll be relying on flying carpets and will be dodging the guys throwing flame satchels down to your path.

There is a new enemy on this level, a swordsthrower. They stand at the end of a pathway and throw swords down that path. You have to double jump to avoid the swords. You should just use a simple spin attack to take care of these guys. Be patient when it comes to getting to them though, as they throw each sword fairly quickly after the last, so focus on avoiding them more than getting to the other side.

This level holds the Green Gem.

There is a skull route on this level. The Green Gem lies at the end of this skull route.

  • Colored Gem: Yes (Green Gem)
  • Clear Gem: Yes
  • Boxes: 75 (28 in Bonus)

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