Future Frenzy

Crash going through the side scrolling part of Future Frenzy. The blue shells can be attacked in any way as long as they haven't uncoiled themselves.

[edit] Information

Future Frenzy is level 19 in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. This level is set in the future, as the name suggests, the general idea of the future being manmade with many huge buildings and robots. This is a future where the bad guys Uka Uka, Cortex and N. Gin are worshipped. The level itself changes from a side scrolling view to a 3rd person view throughout, and there are many objects you need to use to get over large holes too. If it's the first time you are going through this level, don't bother breaking all the boxes. You can only hit them all if you have at least 20 relics.

On this level, you will find robot spinning tops, which will move between 2 places and when they stop they start rotating on the ground, emitting a strange orange substance around their bodies. When they are doing this, don't touch them at all or Crash will be disintegrated. You can only attack them by any means besides the Wumpa Bazooka once they are moving from one place to another.

Another enemy which will appear is a man in a small saucer, moving back or forth or remaining stationary. You can only bounce on these guys, as touching the orange ring around the saucer disintegrates Crash. Don't jump on their spikes either, that disintegrates Crash too. It has to be on the head.

The other enemy that will appear on this level, is what appears to be a blue shell. This shell will uncoil and reveal a metal ball with spikes for short time intervals. You can't touch the shell when it's uncoiled or it will pop a hole in Crash and make him deflate, in other words without protection he is good as gone. Any attack can take care of the blue shell though.

You'll also find gates which pass orange energy between them for short time intervals. Touching it disintegrates Crash, so time your run through them to avoid losing a life.

And the last thing to be aware of is the platforms used to get from one place to another. When they are green it's safe to go on them, when they are red they flip 190 degrees, so you can't stay on them. They'll indicate when they are turning red as they start to wobble and flash green and red. just get to the other side quick while they are green, and don't jump on them if they've been green for a while, they change fast.

Not that you can't get all the boxes unless you start the level from the Future Frenzy Special Stage.

  • Colored Gem: No
  • Clear Gem: 2 (one from a special stage)
  • Boxes: 133 (19 in Bonus)

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