Gems are in mostly every single Crash Bandicoot game and gems are almost as important as Crystals are. After collecting all the gems the player receives some sort of award. There are 45 gems in the game series total. They are crystal clear and can be found scattered through all the levels. Obtaining gems isn't a difficult task, and gems are obtained in different ways throughout each different Crash Bandicoot game.
For example, in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back for the Playstation (PSX), silver gems (present on almost every single level) is obtained by smashing every single crate in the level, and is awarded at the end of the level, through the teeth-like doors in the link to the Warp Room. If the player hasn't smashed all of the crates, the place where the gem would be has a translucent Crate with the number of crates smashed, e.g. 56/74.

[edit] Colored Gems

Along side the clear gems are the colored gems. There are seven and they are found scattered throughout the levels. To obtain these gems the player has to be smart and witty because they are very difficult to find. You have your green, pink, orange, blue, red, purple, and yellow variations.

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