Gone Tomorrow

An example of the new robot enemy and one of it's missiles, you have to get up very close before you have a chance to attack it.

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Gone Tomorrow is level 21 in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. Another future level, and a hard one at that. On this level there are a lot more conveyor belts for the normal view parts, incuding jumps from one conveyer belt to another. Most of them will move in the direction opposite to the one Crash needs to go in and there is usually a big gap between them and the next platform, so when jumping off of one, use a slide attack and double jump to cover as much area as possible with the jump.

There are new men in saucers who are high uo from the ground this time, and shot down a tractor beam/abduction ray for short time intervals. This time you have to double jump in order to hit them on the head, and the tractor beam will damage you if you touch it. Don't forget that the orange ring edge hurts you too!

The main addition of this level though is the robots that shoot missiles at you. These robots only appear at certain points. Where there is a long conveyer belt strip between Crash and the robot. The conveyer belt os moving towards the robot, and once you step on it the robot continuously fires missiles at you. You'll either have to jump, crouch or move to the side to evade them. When you get close enough the robot should turn around and stick it's behind up at you, which is a flashing green target. Spin this to destroy the robot, but be aware that the robot won't keep the target shown forever and will turn around again soon, so make haste in destroying it.

There is a special stage on this level, you require the green gem to get to it though.

  • Colored Gem: No
  • Clear Gem: 2 (one from a special stage)
  • Boxes: 87 (17 in Bonus)

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