[edit] Aku Aku Box

Break these boxes and you will find that a mask appears beside crash that is the witch-doctor mask. *see Aku Aku*

[edit] Aku Aku Mask

when you have an Aku Aku mask Crash is shielded from one enemy�s attack or contact. Collect all 3 masks to get temporary invulnerability from minor damages.

[edit] Bouncy Row

These will boost you to high areas not to mention they give you fruit for every time you jump on them. You can only get 10 fruits per box.

[edit] Boxes

You can break these boxes in most levels. There are different boxes for different things.

[edit] Checkpoint Box

These boxes allow you to restart from the point that the box was broken. If you happen to lose a life you will go back to the beginning or the last checkpoint box you broke. If you leave the stage the checkpoint does not save

[edit] Clear Gems

You will get these at the end of every level if you break every box.

[edit] Colored Gems

These gems are found in special levels. You must find a certain transporter in a certain stage to access the level that these gems are in. When all the gems are collected a secret area is unlocked.

[edit] Crash Crate

This box gives you an extra life. When you are playing Coco these boxes will turn into Coco Crates.

[edit] Crystals

You must find this in every level, except bosses, to move on. There are 25 in all. In some levels you will get the crystal at the end or after completing a challenge.

[edit] Invisibility Crate

When spun Crash becomes invisible for a limited amount of time. Only an outline of Crash will appear.

[edit] Nitro Crate

When you touch this box it will instantly explode on contact. Be careful!

[edit] Nitro Switch Box

Smacking these will detonate every nitro crate in the level.

[edit] Outline Box

These boxes are filled in when a switch box is triggered. If you try to jump on these you will go through them and possibly die.

[edit] Plain Crate

Crack these open, by jumping on them, and you will find a wumpa fruit.

[edit] Relics

You can win relics by re-entering the level after completing it. You need to play time trial mode. To do that hit the clock at the beginning of the level. If you complete it with in the pre-desiginated time you will be rewarded with a sapphire, gold or platinum relic.

[edit] Slot Box

Watch these change faster and faster. Spin these to win your prize. If you don�t act fast these will turn into an unbreakable iron crate.

[edit] Spring Crate

By jumping on these they allow you to jumper higher than you normal could.

[edit] Steel Crates

These boxes are stronger than others. Try some other moves to get these open.

[edit] Suprise Box

You never know what you're going to get. There's a surprise in every box

[edit] Switch Box

These turn the white online boxes into real wumpa crates.

[edit] Time Box

Found only in timetrial mode, these will freeze the time on the clock for the number of seconds listed on the side. The clock can freeze between 1 and 3 seconds.

[edit] TNT Crate

Hop on these for a 3 second delay fuse. Stand clear before they blow because they will inflict damage upon you and anyone in the surrounding area within a certain radius.

[edit] Wumpa Fruit

Collect 100 peices of this and you will earn an extra life.

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