Jaws of Darkness


[edit] Appearance

Jaws of Darkness the other Temple Ruins theme in Crash Bandicoot (with the other being, well, Temple Ruins.) It is a bit longer and harder than Temple Ruins, but has the same exact enemies. You must be careful here, since the path is still narrow and littered with traps.

[edit] Gem

The Gem here is actually quite hard to obtain. First off, you'll need to get the Blue Gem from Toxic Waste before you can conquer this gem. Once you get the blue gem, you'll be able to get to a secret path with lots of items on it. Like Temple Ruins, there is an invisible secret path here, much to the dismay of new players.

[edit] Trivia

Jaws of Darkness is the only level in Crash one that needs a colored gem which is found in a level before it. The Blue Gem is found in Toxic Waste (Level 21) while this level is Level 26.

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