Komodo Joe

Komodo Joe as he appears in Crash Team Racing

Komodo Joe is a Komodo Dragon that is an enemy character. He is the brother of Komodo Moe. Unlike Moe he seems to be more smarter then him.

[edit] Appearance

Komodo Joe is just a Samurai dragon that uses a sword to attack in Crash Bandicoot 2, and a giant tank to attack in Crash Bash, so as you see, he is pretty interesting. He is the third boss in Crash Team Racing and Crash Bash, and is the second in Crash 2.

[edit] Voices

  • Crash Bandicoot 2: Unknown
  • Crash Team Racing: David A. Pizzuto
  • Crash Bash: Unknown

[edit] Trivia

Komodo Joe appears alongside Komodo Moe in Crash 2 and Crash Bash, but for some reason, appears alone in Crash Team Racing for an unexplained reason.

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