Lights Out


[edit] Appearance

Lights Out sports a new theme. The level is very straightforward, except for the fact that you are in total darkness. In order to see, you'll have to get lights, or should I say, Aku Masks. Aku will light your path for a short time, but you have to move quickly, or he'll go away. This, for such a late level, is considered to be quite easy by many people.

[edit] Gem

Lights Out probably has the easiest gem in the final island. Unfortunately, like other easy gems, you'll need to aquire a colored gem first, in this case, the yellow gem, which cannot be accessed until the final level. Once you obtain the yellow gem, you'll be able to take a shortcut to an alternate exit and some more boxes. You are awarded with the Purple Gem once you pull it off.

[edit] Trivia

  • Lights Out and Fumbling in the Dark are the only two levels that you cannot go invincible on, since the masks are treated as lights, and you can only have one at a time.

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