Makin' Waves

Coco soaring on the seas with the Turbo Jetski, look at the Cortex Cavern in the background!

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Makin' Waves is level 5 in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. This level, like Orient Express, is different from the normal level. This time, Coco is used again, and she is on a Turbo Jetski. You ride the waves on it, using X to accelerate, and the left and right buttons to steer. Also, when you jump off a ramp, holding the down button makes Coco get more air, causing a higher jump, and holding the up button makes her point the nose of the Turbo Jetski down to the water, so she lands back on the sea faster, this also causes Coco and the jet ski to go under the actual water for a brief second, which will come in handy for later versions of this level.

The level is easy and there isn't much to look out for, there is a lot of open space so dodging most obstacles and enemies is easy enough.

There are bombs floating on the water, touching them will damage Coco. They generally move about on the water so be aware that they won't remain stationary. On this level, they move slow though, so it isn't hard to avoid them.

Where there are ships, there are cannonballs. Keep an eye on the cannons at the side of the ship, because they fire small cannonballs onto the sea. They are easy to dodge but just be aware of them, it's easy to forget and wind up dead.

There are men on rafts, who are the common contact-causes-damage enemy, not much of a threat.

And there are seagulls, which stand on a box. You can only crash through the box when the seagull flies off of it temporarily, if you hit it while the seagull is still on it, the bird will go crazy, causing damage to Coco.

  • Colored Gem: No
  • Clear Gem: Yes
  • Boxes: 37

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