Modes (Crash Tag Team Racing)


[edit] Battle

4 clashed cars duke it out in an arena. The first one to reach a certain number of kills wins.

[edit] Crashinator

Obstacles are placed throughout the track. You have 1 lap to hit as many of these as you can.

[edit] Fast Lap

Try doing 1 lap as fast as you can.

[edit] Grand Prix

Multiplayer mode only. Race across all the tracks in the world you selected and win points. The person with the most points at the end wins.

[edit] LAN Race

If you have 4 PS2's, 8 controllers, and connection wires, you can race up to 8 players to do a race, battle, Grand Prix, or a stunt arena. Note that characters and vehicles will be selected randomly in this mode.

[edit] Minigames

Various minigames that are playable through Story Mode only.

[edit] Bowling

Knock down as many pins as possible. You can control the ball after rolling it and even make it jump!

[edit] Skeet Shoot

Shoot the farm animals as they appear. Don't let more than nine hit the ground!

[edit] Duck Shoot

Pummel the poultry as it flies across the screen. Don't miss more than nine shots!

[edit] Falling Target

Protect the eight drones from the falling weights/explosives. Make sure at least two survive!

[edit] Protection

Stop the mines/jellyfish from hitting the sub/scuba diver by shooting them. Don't let his health drop to zero!

[edit] PSP - Co-op Race

Exclusive to the PSP version is a multiplayer race mode with clashed cars only, with infinite ammo for all weapons. This can be unlocked in the PS2 version via a console link.

[edit] Race

The traditional race. Use the clash feature to your advantage and try winning in 1st place.

  • Hint: One track in each world has an unlockable secret shortcut with a bonus Power Crystal on it. Try to find them all!

[edit] Rolling Thunder

You are in the turret of a clashed car. All your opponents stay near you. You have 1 lap to destroy as many of these cars as you can.

[edit] Run and Gun

You are in the turret of a clashed car. Targets are placed everywhere. You have 1 lap to shoot as many of these as possible. Your character is based on the level in this mode, as Pasadena, Cortex and Von Clutch are unable to hit aerial targets.

[edit] Stunt Arena

Drive around an arena doing spins and flips. Try to aim for a high score before time runs out.

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