Night Fight

Crash must rely on a firefly to keep the path lit.

[edit] Information

Night Fight is level 23 in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. Night Fight is the same type of level as Turtle Woods and The Pits, but this time, it's pitch-black.

The only way to keep the path lit is with the fireflies you'll find along the way. Just walking into them will get them following you for a short amount of time. The idea is to get to the next firefly before your current one disappears or you'll be left fumbling in the dark. There are many holes and enemies on the level so it's best to get to the next firefly as soon as.

There is a skull route on this level.

  • Colored Gem: No
  • Clear Gem: 2 (one from a skull route)
  • Boxes: 46 (29 from the bonus stage)

NOTE: The bonus stage is pitch-black too, and there are fireflies in the stage you'll need to rely on like the rest of the level.

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