[edit] Bazooka

After defeating the 4th boss you will unlock the Wumpa Bazooka. Hold L1 to draw the Bazooka then press O to shoot it.

[edit] Crash Dash

After defeating the 5th boss you will unlock the Crash Dash which allows you to walk faster by holding down the R2 button and moving with the directional pad.

[edit] Death Tornado

After defeating the 3rd boss you will unlock the Death Tornado which is a longer version of Crash's regular spin. To activate it press square repeatedly.

[edit] Double Jump

After defeating the 2nd boss you will be able to double jump by pressing X twice.

[edit] Tip Toe

After defeating the 1st boss you will gain the ability to tip toe with the L2 button which allows you to walk on nitro crates.

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