Road to Crash

Going through the special stage of Road to Ruin is the only way to get the clear gem for smashing all of the boxes, as a number are in this special stage.

[edit] Information

Road to Crash is Road to Ruin. It is a special stage of Road to Ruin which can only be accessed from the secret warp room. It is level 14 in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. To access the portal with the special stage in the secret warp room, you must go through Diggin' It. You will come to a point in Diggin' It where there is a red plant on it's own separate platform. You simply need to kill the plant on the platform, and then belly flop on the platform. (Press X then in midair press O)

You will be instantly warped to the secret room with the portal open to the special stage of Road to Ruin.

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