Slippery Climb


[edit] Appearance

Slippery Climb is the twenty-fourth level in Crash Bandicoot. It isn't considered very hard, but it is said to be one of the most annoying levels in Crash Bandicoot. The level consists of three new enemies, a grey bird which is used as a platform, a hand coming out of a grating, and an explosive-throwing lab assistant. The level involves retracting stairs, moving ledges, and a lot of vertical gain.

[edit] Gem

The gem here is considered to be very tough by many people, but with enough practice, it can be gotten without too much trouble. The main problem here is managing to stay alive, because the platforms here are quite narrow. Also, there are windows that have boxes in them, so you'll have to carefully jump into them and back onto the platform, which can be quite risky. Once you pull it off, you'll be awarded the Pink Gem, which can be used in both Native Fortress and Road to Nowhere.

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