Will Crash be lucky enough to just about avoid the flamethrower? Or was it an untimed jump?

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Sphynxinator is level 16 in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. This is another, much harder version of Tomb Time. This time, there is a lot more to be aware of.

You can get 4 lives very easily at the start of this level, not that you'll have to backtrack up the normal path if you want to smash all the boxes though. When you first start heading down the passageway, you should notice a path at the end of a huge gap on your left. To get to this, you have to get close to the edge of the ground but not on the edge. Now, slide, double jump and use the super tornado ability and you should make it on the other side. Go down the path to find 4 lives, a platform will take you back to the proper pathway.

On this level there are bouncing coffins. Touching them hurts Crash. These will take 2 hits to defeat though, as when you hit them once, the coffin will break but a mummy will be left. The mummy only damages you by contact too. Note that jumping and belly flops are very ineffective when trying to attack the coffins.

You'll notice holes in the walls on this level, and patches where light is shone upon. If you step on these patches arrows fly from the holes to the other side of the wall. I recommend sliding through the light beams, as you are already past the arrows by the time the slide finishes.

There is a special stage on this level, but you need the Blue Gem to access it. The Blue Gem is obtained from Tomb Wader.

  • Colored Gem: No
  • Clear Gem: 2 (one from a special stage)
  • Boxes: 105 (28 in Bonus)

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