Stages (Crash Twinsanity)


[edit] Academy of Evil

Academy of Evil
You got all the crystals you need! Now to go to the 10th Dimension. However, Coco waits for you there. She plans to avenge her brother, but it backfires as she accidentally gets frozen from messing up the Psychotron. Now she�s stuck in a large chunk of ice, and the Psychotron is asking for more crystals! It�s off to the Academy of Evil. This is the main hub for the horror world. It�s a giant school for children to become evil. It holds many traps, and will be very tough to traverse. Also Madame Amberly will be awaiting Cortex to give him a good spanking.

[edit] Boiler Room Doom

Boiler Room Doom
Welcome to the sewers. Bugs crawl everywhere and the only way out is to use Cortex to unplug things. However, to get Cortex to unplug things, he has to get stuck in a pipe and roll through pipe mazes. Some mazes are incomplete, and require Crash jumping on switches to complete them. It�s a complex place. Beware of Dingodile at the end.

[edit] Cavern Catastrophe

Cavern Catastrophe
Certainly is exactly what it sounds like. Underground N.Sanity Isle is a giant mining facility. Twisting gears, mine carts, and pipes galore are just a few ways of describing this creepy place. Plus, this is where you first run into the Ants. Try to get Crash and Cortex out of here alive!

[edit] Classroom Chaos

Classroom Chaos
While Cortex is stuck in the sewers, it�s up to Crash to explore the school. He finds Cortex later though. Now it�s time for Cortex to have his own part. Play as Cortex and wipe out mutant frogs and bunnies, janitors, and running away from weird bug things. Upon reaching the end, you meet his niece, Nina Cortex.

[edit] Hi Seas Hi-Jinks

Hi Seas Hi-Jinks
Uh-oh. Dingodile overheard about the treasure. Don�t worry about it now though. It�s time to enter N.Gin�s battleship. Get through it alive and avoid N.Gin�s traps. Go through the cargo room, the boiler room, and so much more. Afterwards, defeat N.Gin in a battle. Then, you�re chased by The Walrus! N.Gin later gets blown off his feet and so does Crash. N.Tropy and N.Brio wait for you at the end. Be careful.

[edit] Ice Climb

Ice Climb
Time for an alternate way into the lab. You must traverse the snowy mountains dodging bloodthirsty bats, robots hungry for destruction, and penguins that hate Cortex because he didn�t treat them right in the past. An old enemy waits for you. Plus, the Evil Twins are hiding something inside Cortex�s lab.

[edit] Iceberg Lab

Iceberg Lab
Welcome player! Welcome to Cortex�s Ice�oh wait it�s locked. Got to find another way in. Well this is the main hub for the snow world. Not much to do though. Unless you want to stare at a locked door all day.

[edit] Jungle Bungle

Jungle Bungle
The first real level. The tropical N.Sanity Isle is known not only for its nice sunny beaches, but it is also known for its lush green jungles. Cortex will dress up like Coco and lead you through this tutorial with a boss fight at the end.

[edit] Rooftop Rampage

Rooftop Rampage
Now it is time for Nina to shine. Play as her going across the rooftops of the Academy of Evil. Beware though. The Ants are onto you now. They will stop at nothing to vanquish Nina and her arms of power. The Frankenbots also know of Nina�s escape. The Ants and Frankenbots work together to stop her! Also she must keep up with the blimp that�s getting away! As a way to motivate her, a school bus is connected to the bottom.

[edit] Sanity Isle

Sanity Isle
The home of the famous Crash Bandicoot. This is where Crash and Coco relax all the day long. Coco will be chasing butterflies while Crash digs up his shoes. This place is pretty weird and has a load of random humor. This is the main hub for the tropical world.

[edit] Slip Slide Icecapades

Slip Slide Icecapades
Uh-oh! Now that it has been revealed that the Evil Twins come from the 10th dimension, you�ve gotta use the Psychotron to go to that dimension! For the fate of the earth and the treasure they�re holding! Alas, you don�t have enough crystals. All is not lost, however! N.Gin�s battleship holds a mother load of those things!!! What is this? It�s way back down at the bottom and Crash and Cortex can�t reach it in time? No problem!!! Crash grabs Cortex, and prepares to shred some snow by snowcortexing down the mountain!!! Avoid mines, pits, ice traps, snowballs, and penguins and make your way to the bottom!

[edit] Totem Hokum

Totem Hokum
Papu Papu, the fat Indian chief, has taken Cortex! Now it�s Crash to the rescue! Try to get past all those tribesman. Oh, and be careful. A dangerous enemy revived by the Evil Twins waits at the end.

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