Tell No Tales

Coco gets some air on the turbo jetski.

[edit] Information

Tell No Tales is level 18 in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. This is another turbo jetski level, only this time you should be aware of pirates who stand on raised platforms and swing anchors around. The radius increases over time until it reaches a huge range, and then the pirate momentarily stops swinging it. That's your chance to move on in the level.

Also, this time there are sharks in the water. You can only see the fin moving back and forth through the water. They are easy enough to dodge, you can only get attacked by them when you make contact with the fin.

Note that there are many secret areas in this level, some get you extra lives and another one will get you the last missing box. Be aware of that box because it is so frustrating when you are trying to find out why you're always missing a box and you don't realise there's a secret little path.

And, when you jump off of ramps, hold the up button on the D-Pad so you'll go under the water, there's a life under water at one part.

  • Colored Gem: No
  • Clear Gem: Yes
  • Boxes: 61

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