Tomb Time

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Tomb Time is level 9 in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. This level is set in Egypt, around their pyramids and tombs, hence the level name Tomb Time.

These levels have a lot of obstacles, more than most levels, so keep your eyes peeled.

You will find snakes slithering around commonly on this level. They are simple contact-makes-damage enemy and only move left to right in the pathway. You could use either a spin attack or jump to take care of these enemies, as they are both as effective as each other in this case.

The other enemy you will on Tomb Time is a man with a flamethrower. They spray flames at a certain distance towards you and rotate to face the direction you are in, so moving around them isn't possible. These are one of the hardest enemies to get around in the game. You could either use a slide jump, and time it right to land on their heads, or use a slide attack at just the right distance so you make contact without being burned. You should carry an Aku Aku for protection when you fight these enemies.

One obstacle is the closing doors. When going from one room to another, you'll often come across doors when you are progressing to the next room, which open and close at short time intervals. They aren't difficult to avoid getting slammed by, as they take a while to close, just don't walk straight through if they haven't closed in the last 3 seconds.

There are many gaps on this level, so be prepared for a lot of jumping.

There are platforms with scarab beetle designs on them used to get from one part to the next. The ones with green scarab beetles won't drop, but the ones with a red scarab beetles will drop shortly after Crash lands on them, so be quick about getting to the next platform.

There is a special path you can take, but you need the purple gem for it. It isn't a platform though, it's a door with the purple gem carved into it.

  • Colored Gem: No
  • Clear Gem: 2 (one from a special stage)
  • Boxes: 95 (19 in Bonus)

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