Tomb Wader

This is how the water will look when it is low, and those metal boxes are an example of a platform you must use to stay alive when you can't get to the next part before the water level rises again.

[edit] Information

Tomb Wader is level 20 in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. This level is similar to Tomb Time and Sphynxinator in terms of the level's location, in the tombs. But this time, the actual level you play through is in a tomb where water fills up and then drains again for time intervals, rather than just getting to the end. The objective in this level is to get to the outside without going underwater, if you go underwater, Crash drowns and dies, regardless of protection.

Later in the level, you won't be able to get to the next part without needing to stay on a platform halfway through, so be aware of that.

It is very tricky to pull off properly, but you can jump from box to box when the water floods the pathway.

There are 2 new enemies to watch out for this time. One is the scarab beetle, it just flies about and gets in the way. Not really a threat, any attack will kill it, but they can start to pose a problem later when you are standing ona platform waiting for the water to go down. In those cases, do not attack them until the water begins going down. It is too likely that you'll end in the water if you go to attack them while the water's high.

The other enemy is a man with a shield. If you touch the shield you are bounced back a long distance. You have to slide attack the man to defeat him. or you can jump up, on the shield and over. Just don't run straight into them, as they'll push you back as the water is risiing, which will result in Crash's death.

This level is where you obtain the Blue Gem from, it is found at the end of a skull route in the level.

Note that you must also take this skull route if you want to get the clear gem for breaking all the boxes too.

  • Colored Gem: Yes (Blue Gem)
  • Clear Gem: Yes
  • Boxes: 88 (25 in Bonus)

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