Totally Bear

Due to the lack of light on the level, it'll take a few tries to reach the end, and a few more even still to get all of the boxes.

[edit] Information

Totally Bear is level 26 in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. This level can only be accessed from the portal in the Secret warp room. To access the portal you need to get to the end of Un-Bearable. Exit the room with the teleport light and walk back up from the way you just came. Keep walking and you should come across the polar bear again. If you walk up to it you'll instantly be warped to the secret warp room and Totally Bear's portal will be open.

This level is the same type as Bear It and Bear Down. The only difference is that a few boxes are in midair over the water so you must make jump in the right spot to get over and hit the midair boxes.

The main thing is that it's very dark, and you can't see much ahead of yourself. Most water pools, whales, enemies and boxes will only appear at the last second, so it will take a few tries to fully complete. Hope you've got the lives to spare.

  • Colored Gem: No
  • Clear Gem: Yes
  • Boxes: 40
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