Tracks (Crash Nitro Kart)


[edit] Android Alley

This is where you�ll race Geary. This track is truly easy as long as you are careful of one thing. The train passing through the middle of the track in the first part of the race will slow you down drastically if you�re not careful. The rest of the track should be easy as pie since you�re so far in the game. There will be a couple parts you go into hovercraft mode, and the turns will be a little sharp. Nothing to worry about though. The street sweepers may be a bit of a nuisance, but they'll be easy to dodge them.

[edit] Assembly Lane

A gigantic factory! A very typical and classic racetrack that has gone through many kart games. Most of the track will take place on the dirt track outside. There will be a magnet floating around. If youre caught, say goodbye to the ground for a while. Also say good-bye to first place. When inside the factory, the turns are very sharp, and you can go on a conveyor belt! Just dont get hit by the crushers. When exiting the place, there is a giant tube youll go hovercraft on.

[edit] Barin Ruins

This place is downright odd. Remains of what seems to be an ancient city is what covers this place. It is another snowy race track. The weirdest part is that there are also mechs walking around picking up barrels, and a construction crane that can drop rocks to crush you. This track is very bumpy due to some rocks sticking out of the ground. This is another level you�re able to go inverted as a hovercraft.

[edit] Clockwork Wumpa

A very annoying track with busloads of sharp turns. This takes place inside a gigantic clock. The music may be cheerful, but this track is really just a living hell. Gears are everywhere, some of which can flatten you. Be aware of the fact there are some gears that can stop you from going into the air too. The trap here rocks, by the way. If you manage to hit the ! Box, you will open up a trap door for everyone to fall through! There are a few shortcuts. One of them including getting on some of the gears and driving on them!

[edit] Deep Sea Driving

This is a surprisingly hard track. This is also where you'll race Nash. The track itself is not very difficult. Its the fact there are propellers spinning everywhere that makes it hard. Itll be very easy to spin out here. Most of this track is hovercraft. The best part is the giant transparent tube you get to drive through. Just be careful about the propellers. Look out for some shortcuts too.

[edit] Electron Avenue

This track is insane. The futuristic city in the sky has just got bigger. Warp pads are everywhere, and the track will go inverted, a lot. Beware of some obstacles. One of the worst ones being giant electric fences that turn on and off. Oh, and be careful of the very first jump. Its a long drop!

[edit] Hyper Spaceway

The ultimate track which must be unlocked. Velo challenges you to race him here. Let me describe this track in one way, incredible. Basically, it takes place on all sorts of different parts of the track. There are warp pads everywhere, and each one leads you to a totally different looking room. Some are in the stadium, one is in a futuristic room, one is outside the stadium, and one is in space. Thats right. You heard me. Space Flamethrowers, electric spinners, laser blasters, and Huge drops are just a few things on how to describe this crazy track.

[edit] Inferno Island

Ah yes, the beautiful sunny beach. There's also a volcano on the island. Don't worry though, it can't hurt you. It's your basic oval and makes for fun pick up and play

[edit] Jungle Boogie

Another fairly simple track in the jungle. This is where you face Krunk. There are a couple shortcuts that you should look out for. Including, outcroppings into secret paths to cut turns. Other than a couple shortcuts, there's nothing special about this track. Careful not to drive in the water. It slows you down massively.

[edit] Meteor Gorge

A normal snowy icecap that was terminated by a giant meteor. Now part of the track is going through the crater left by this monstrosity. The turns here are long and wide, giving you good opportunities to boost. It's overall quite an easy track. Just be careful not to fall off the edge at the crater part, unless, of course, you want to do the shortcut.

[edit] Out of Time

A pretty cool track. It seems to take place in a desert covered with clockwork parts. Windmills are everywhere too. This is where you race the Norms. The main attraction of this track is most definitely the giant clock you can turn into a hovercraft and drive up. Beware of the worms that are looking for karts to eat. A couple shortcuts also lie here. It can be quite a bumpy ride as parts of the road seem to have been ripped out as ramps.

[edit] Thunder Struck

A city in the sky. However, there is a huge thunderstorm. There will be a lot of opportunities to go hovercraft too. When you do, beware of the spinning maces! Plus, there are two guards near the end of the track holding mallets. Don't go anywhere near the one bashing his hammer. I think you'd know why.

[edit] Tiny Temple

The people of planet Terra seem to worship a statue that looks a lot like Tiny Tiger. This track can be difficult if you don't know what you're doing. This is also the first level you can transform into a hovercraft and go inverted. Beware of flamethrowers and some of the crazy jumps. You're also in for a bit of a bumpy ride.

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