Tracks (Crash Tag Team Racing)


[edit] Crash Test Mummies

Race through a giant tomb chock full of cursed mummies! Be careful of the statue weilding its giant trident, and try your hardest to turn left near the end of the tomb to enter one of the hardest shortcuts in the game. Not only does this shortcut give you a crystal, it also cuts a very large chunk of the track. The turns here are sharp, so be ready to powerslide.

[edit] Craters on Uranus

Another humrous title. This is the final track in the racing circuit. It does indeed prove to be treacherous as it tests all your skills. The turns are sharper than ever, and UFOs wait along the track to blast you to oblivion. Be prepared to drive through huge warp holes to travel from the space station to Uranus. (the planet...) After the lab room, drive to the right to enter a shortcut containing a crystal.

[edit] Dead Heat

Roll through the hot sands of the desert. Anything can happen in this track. From pianos to giant safes randomly hanging around waiting to be shot so they can fall on top of your opponents. Be sure to look for a shortcut on the left of the track to race through a small pyramid. By now you have probaly mastered the powerslide, so you do not have much to worry about here.

[edit] Deep Sea Driving

This track starts out on a small island leading into a tunnel underwater. Through the track, you'll see many things under the sea. There are fish, there is coral reef, and yes even a sunken ship you can drive through as a shortcut. This track can be pretty hard if you don't know what you're doing. A giant ramp awaits you, as does being spit out by a whale to complete a lap.

[edit] Evilocity

Race through a haunted castle. Obstacles lie everywhere. Avoid the killer plants, and don't fall off the edge when you reach the broken bridge! Inside the castle, you'll be transported through a magic mirror and appear in the cursed part of the castle. Beware of the dragon blowing fire in your way, and try taking the shortcut to the left after the magic mirror to get an edge on your opponents.

[edit] Fossil Fuel Injection

You are now in the deep depths of the jungle during prehistoric times. Sharp turns galore. You'll have to master the powerslide if you want to make it out of this track in one piece. Race into a dinosaur's stomach, and out the prosterior, and make your way through the treacherous turns. After the dinosaur, try your hardest to go left into a shortcut to cut one of the biggest turns.

[edit] Labrea Car Pits

Tar pits, lava, geysers, and giant rocks being shot out a volcano are just the least of your problems! Race through a volcano, and make sure you take the shortcut on the left when you enter for a crystal and a large speed boost. It would be smart to avoid being hit by the flaming rocks being shot out of the volcano after you leave the volcano. Plus, if you get hit by a geyser, you'll be flipped up in the air and slowed down drastically. This is undoubtedly the most challenging track you'll come across thus far.

[edit] Once Upon a Tire

Race through a fantasy castle. The turns are amazingly sharp and surprise ramps lie everywhere. Be sure to take the center road at the 3-way fork for a crystal, speed boost, and a quicker way through the fork!

[edit] Pirates of the Carburetor

This track is insane. Drive through a bunch of pirate ships, out onto the beach, and even into a secret cave full of treasure! This course may prove to be difficult as the turns are very sharp, and the roads are very narrow, making you a more vulnerable target to power ups and turrets.

[edit] Pyramid Pass

A very perilous track. Race through a pyramid, and then boost on top of a pyramid to ramp onto the dirt track below! Beware of the crocodile that's waiting to eat you, and be sure to drive through the waterfall to enter a shortcut. The sandstorm can be tricky to navigate through, so keep your eyes peeled for hidden surprises!

[edit] Rings Of Uranus

Ahem. This is the planet Uranus. Anyway, this is the shortest track in the game. It's a circle. That's it. Race 9 laps on a circle in space.

[edit] Tiki Turbo

Tiki Turbo is the first level of Mystery Island. It's very simple, and the only part that may shock you a bit is ramping over an ocean full of giant mechanical sharks!

[edit] Tire & Ice

Race through the Ice Age! The track is slippery, and giant lava pits are everywhere. Try taking the shortcut to the right after the large ramp to cut a turn. Avoid the giant snowball rolling back and forth, and be careful when driving across the unstirdy wooden bridge.

[edit] Track and the Beanstalk

Welcome to Candy Land. Race through the sweets and small village and enter the giant beanstalk that unexpectedly grew in the village. At the top, be careful of the giant who tries to squash the racers with his foot. Make sure you take the shortcut to the left at the beginning of the track to cut the big turn.

[edit] Uranus' Mine

A very crazy track with a very crazy (not to mention sick-minded) title! Prepare to ramp so much you'll get car sick after the first lap. The track itself is narrow, the turns are sharp, and there's a ramp at just about every corner. Avoid spike mounted crushers and getting knocked off the track. Clashing is a big recommendation here!

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