Tracks (Crash Team Racing)


[edit] Battle

4 clashed cars duke it out in an arena. The first one to reach a certain number of kills wins.

[edit] Crashinator

Obstacles are placed throughout the track. You have 1 lap to hit as many of these as you can.

[edit] Fast Lap

Try doing 1 lap as fast as you can.

[edit] Grand Prix

Multiplayer mode only. Race across all the tracks in the world you selected and win points. The person with the most points at the end wins.

[edit] LAN Race

If you have 2 PS2's, 2 multitaps, 8 controllers, and a connection wire, you can race up to 8 players to do a race, battle, Grand Prix, or a stunt arena.

[edit] PSP - Co-op Adventure

There's a rumor that if you connect the PSP and the PS2 with both versions of Crash Tag Team Racing, you will be able to play a 2 player adventure mode. How this works is currently unknown.

[edit] Race

The traditional race. Use the clash feature to your advantage and try winning in 1st place.

[edit] Rolling Thunder

You are in the turret of a clashed car. All your opponents stay near you. You have 1 lap to destroy as many of these cars as you can.

[edit] Run and Gun

You are in the turret of a clashed car. Targets are placed everywhere. You have 1 lap to shoot as many of these as possible.

[edit] Stunt Arena

Drive around an arena doing spins and flips. Try to aim for a high score before time runs out.

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