Turrets (Crash Tag Team Racing)


[edit] Disc Shooter

Launch rebounding discs at enemies. Take advantage of the track and try launching them at the right angle on walls to have them bounce off and hit enemies.

[edit] Energy Shotgun

The nearer a target is in its blast, the more damage it does. Have a car close enough, and take them out in one blast.

[edit] Machine Gun

The classic mini gun. Takes a while to start shooting, hold fire to rain havoc on enemies with hot rivets.

[edit] Mini-Bomblets

Launch out a large horde of small bouncing bombs. The bombs bounce foward, so make sure you aim a little behind the target you want to destroy.

[edit] Missile Launcher

Launch out semi-homing missiles. The Missile Launcher does not have very good rapid fire, but its strength is unmatched.

[edit] Orb Launcher

Launch orbs onto the ground. Hold down the fire button to charge up an orb and let go to launch it.

[edit] Sticky Magnets

Shoot out magnets onto your enemies. These will slow down your opponents, and suck away their HP slowly.

[edit] Wumpa Gun

Your basic chaingun. Hold down the fire button to launch semi-homing wumpa fruit on your enemies.

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