Vehicles and Controls


[edit] Coco's Scooter/Snowboard

X- jump

O- speed boost

[edit] Copter pack

UP- moves crash down
DOWN- moves crash up
X-moves Crash forward
O- moves him backwards

SQUARE- spins copter pak

[edit] Firefly

>X button- Hold down the X button to lock onto an enemy. Then when it

has the lock on the enemy, let go of the X button.

[edit] Glider/Space Fighter

X button- fire cannon and lasers
R2 button- barrel roll right
L2 button- barrel roll left

Tips- Constantly use the barrel roll because it helps to escape obstacles

[edit] Jeep

X- accelerate

[edit] Mech

X- jump
O-hold to activate bazooka/water cannon and release to fire.

Tip- Use bazooka to get rid of obstacles.

[edit] Sub

SQUARE- shoot torpedoes

X- release depth charge

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