Weapons/Power Ups (Crash Nitro Kart)


[edit] Bowling Bombs

These are just like the missiles, but not as accurate. You have to aim very carefully to hit someone. This attack sends out a black ball with a white skull on it. If you're lucky, you can sometimes get more than one kart in the blast radius. Once they are juiced up, they explode in a bigger blast radius.

[edit] Face Masks

These temporary masks help you go faster. If you're good, you can sometimes ram into a hapless sucker and make them crash. Be warned, these masks cannot save you from chasms, N. Tropy�s clocks and deep water! When they are juiced up, they stick around with you even longer.

[edit] Homing Missles

These tricky weapons go straight at an opponent who is ahead of you. Once they make contact, the opponent crashes. If one of these bad boys is tracking you down, a crossbar will appear on your character. Once they are juiced up, they become even more powerful.

[edit] Ice Shards

These cold freezebombs turn anyone who crashes them into a moving ice cube! The normal affect lasts for a couple seconds. When they are juiced up, anyone who crashes into them not only spin out and turn into an ice cube, they start driving as if they were on ice! So be careful!

[edit] Invisibility

This power up makes it so that your enemies can't see you. You can still see yourself when you play, but your opponents cannot see you. However, just because you can�t be seen does not necessarily mean you can�t be hit! When juiced, you stay invisible for even longer! This item is only available in battle mode.

[edit] N. Tropy Clocks

These weapons makes every kart in the race go slower except your's. When they are juiced up, the length of speed reduction is greater. Be warned! These things CAN be used against you at times.

[edit] Power Shields

These force fields protect you from certain weapons (like bombs, masks, tornadoes, static orbs, ice shards, TNT and nitro carts). Unfortunately, N. Tropy�s clock can still perpetrate the shield and make you go slow. When they are not juiced up, they fade away after a few seconds. When juiced up, they last permanently until hit by another obstacle or weapon. You can also hit into enemies while in a shield to cause them to spin out.

[edit] Red Eye Missle

This is the only missile where you don�t drive to track an opponent down. Instead, you are the missile as you steer towards your opponent. When juiced up, the missiles can steer a little better and make a bigger impact. This is another item only available in battle mode.

[edit] Static Orb

These nasty things give you an electric shock and spin you out for a moment or two. Then your car bounces up and down. If they are juiced up, you also go backwards!

[edit] Super Engine

Is your normal engine not giving you enough speed? Turn this bad boy on and vroom! You�ll be faster than your opponents! You can use this thing to escape certain weapons for a couple seconds. When juiced up, you go faster for even longer! This weapon is also only available in battle mode.

[edit] TNT Crates

A classic weapon. Run into this, and the countdown begins. If you fail to get it off your head, the TNT crate will explode and you will Crash. Once juiced up, they become a Deadly nitro box, causing anyone who crashes into it to crash immediately.

[edit] Tornado

This will unleash a fierce storm and go ahead for the first place person and trap them. Of course, any helpless sucker who happen to be in the tornadoes path will also be trapped. When juiced, these things go for every racer on the track.

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