Weapons (Crash Tag Team Racing)


[edit] Chicken Bomb

This little bomb homes in on a nearby enemy and explodes in a flurry of feathers.

[edit] Cow

Drop this on any unsuspecting car and they will get milked! Or blown up if you prefer.

[edit] Fire Guy

This dangerous ball of fire homes in on the leader of the pack.

[edit] Monkey Dynamite

These naughty primates stick to cars and then blow up unless the driver bumps into another car.

[edit] Piano

Dropping this thing will surely hit a sour note and cause your opponents to blow up.

[edit] Robot Dog

This bad dog chases cars and attaches itself to their bumper to slow them down and then blows them up.

[edit] Shark Missle

This fishy item homes in on a nearby car and blows the car up on impact.

[edit] Submarine

Shoots out torpedoes that will destroy a vehicle almost instantly.

[edit] Tracking Swarm Missle

This rare item fires missiles at every car on the track.

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