Wumpa Fruit

This is what is known as Wumpa Fruit.

Wumpa fruit are just medium sized apples that are placed around every level that Crash ventures through. Crash needs to collect these and once he reachs 100 wumpa fruit he gets an extra life, to obtain Wumpa Fruit you just simply walk across them. Wumpa fruit are not only just placed throughout the pathway, you can find them by smashing Crates. Crates may contain one Wumpa fruit, or a big bunch of them, depending on the crate.

Wumpa aren't essential for Crash, but it's a good idea to collect them to gain new lives.

Wumpa Fruit are also used in other ways, such as on Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, when you get to the boss, N-Gin, you fire Wumpa fruit at his robot to destroy it.

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